Aonach Eagach Ridge


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Grid Reference: OS sheet 41, grid ref - 176566
Time: Allow a full 5 hours to complete the walk
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Of all the munros that I've bagged to date the Aonach Eagach Ridge is the hillwalk has so far provided my most trouser filling experience. (I look forward to comparing this with the Inaccesible pinacle in Skye hopefully this summer.)

Plump on the crest of the ridge!
The exposure on certain parts of the ridge provides the expected adrenaline rush.... and for much of the walk I questioned the sanity of those who had gone before me during the winter months leaving the trail of crampon marks to follow over straight up and down columns of rock...... they must be stark raving nutters.


  • Start behind the house at Allt-na-reigh and and follow the clearly signposted path which leads to the main ridge summit.

  • From the ridge summit the whole walk is east to west with very little opportunity to drift off the path.

  • From the summit of Am Bodach travel west and scramble carefully down the 20 metre drop, there are plenty of handholds although its pretty intimidating so early on in the walk. But since this what you are you looking for in a walk like this you will no doubt take it all in your stride looking forward to the next challenge.

  • Follow the path and it's straight forward trot to Meall Dearg, the first munro on the ridge. Continue to travel west along the path and enjoy the views as the next section the appropriately named "Crazy pinnacles" is the most challenging part of the hillwalk.

  • Stay on the crest of the ridge and follow the clearly engraved crampon marks to keep on track. This is advice we ignored and found ourselves in an even more challenging situation that we really could have done without.

  • Once past the pinnacles the stroll to the summit of the second munro, Sgorr nam Fiannaidh is relatively easy going (pronouncing it is however a more difficult task).

  • From the summit head due south down the steep slopes to return back the road. (Try to avoid the alternative westerly path from the summit as disturbed scree has been the cause of injuries to other climbers.)

Then take time to chill and generally bask in your achievement after completing one of Scotlands most challenging "munro bags".

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