The Whangie


Start Point: Queens View Carpark (A809 between Drymen and Milngavie)
Grid Reference: OS Sheet 64
Time: 3/4 - 11/2 hours
View Location: Scalable multimap
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The Whangie. A cracking name for a cracking spot. So cracking a name that I couldn't resist repeating it over and over for the whole journey - "Tha Whaaaaan-geee" - this stroke of comic genius (with the associated funny accent and facial contortions), may well have been mildly amusing the first time but my wife assured me the hilarity rapidly diminished with time.

The Whangie is a stone corridor, that was allegedly created by the devil flicking his tail with the oncoming excitement of visiting Stockie Muir. The scientific community however, would have us believe it was created by an earthquake or glacial plucking.......boy, they really do like to spoil all the best stories........

The walk initially appears to be little more than a typical stroll in grassy Scottish hills until the Whangie itself is reached. The stone corridor stretches for nearly 100m with bizarrely high cliffs either side.

It's a spectacular feature well worth the trip, and only 45 minutes from Glasgow city centre

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  • From the carpark simply follow the clear path westwards up the hill.
  • Keep to the low path at GR505809 and continue west on the path for a further 1200 metres.

  • The Whangie itself is starts at GR493807 and winds south for approx 100m.
  • Once out of the Whangie the path leads up to the summit of Auchineden Hill, and from the summit it's an easy stroll eastwards back down to the carpark.

  • It is a short walk, but conditions can change fast any where in Scotland, so we recommend that you have the required map to hand... it will also help in identifying landmarks from the summit of Auchineden Hill.

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