Bynack More

The Cairngorms

Start Point: Small parking area just past Glenmore Lodge
Grid Reference: OS Sheet 36 grid ref 992096
Time: Between 5 to 8 hours
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This distinctive munro sits off on the north eastern edge of the Cairngorms and is well worth the visit as from the bottom up there is some spectacular scenery. In particular Lochan Uaine (the Green Loch), is gorgeous, with strange green water ...... hence the name.

David and John on the way down from the summit

Although the walk does take longer than others in the area, the going is easy with gentle slopes and a there is good path all the way to the final short, steep push to the summit. I met surprisingly few other walkers on the hill in comparison with the masses crawling all over Cairngorm.... but I suppose Bynack More doesn't offer a chairlift to the top.

If you feel the need, a mountain bike could be used quite effectively to get all the way to Bynack Stables and maybe a bit further if you're feeling brave.

I must mention David Dean proprietor of the Lazyduck hostel in Nethybridge. I met him just as I revved up for my final push to the summit and he assured me that his bunkhouse is ideally suited to hillwalkers who have lost the will to tough it out in a tent.




  • Click for multimap. This walk starts at the small parking area just past Glenmore Lodge. From here it's a great wander along the forest pathway to the Green Loch.

  • From Lochan Uaine continue along the pathway NE for a 400m, then at the junction take the path to the east and after just under 2km you will reach Bynack Stables (GR021105). It should be possible to get this far on a mountain bike. Bynack Stables sounds quite grand in a modest kind of way..... but the name is more than adequate, as all that's on offer here is a dodgy corrugated shack.

  • Cross the river and follow the path SE and then south up the gentle ridge. From the end of main path (GR042073) it's a steep slog 1km up to the summit. The final stint to the summit looks like a short romp to the top, but be prepared for a more physical test.
  • The summit of Bynack More (1090m, GR042063) is boulder strewn and strangely desolate with the Barns of Bynack granite tors close at hand. It also provides a unique perspective on Cairngorm taking in the craggy sides of Strath Nethy.
  • From the summit it's a straight forward "retrace your footsteps" to get back. I dont recommend the route over Bynack Beg then down to the track that runs along Strath Nethy, as it gets really boggy for the second half to Bynack Stables.

This is a great walk that provides a sensible day in the Cairngorms without going crazy. The path is good, the slopes are gentle (most of it is anyway) and it's much more quiet than it's slightly higher neighbour.

Euphan waiting for her DofE girls at Bynack Stables The Green Loch

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