Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers, An Stuc,
Meall Garbh, Meall Greigh

The Lawers Group, Near Killin

Start Point: National Trust Visitor centre
Grid Reference: OS sheet 51 GR609379
Time: 51/2 - 9 hours
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I've mentioned in another write up how the full Lawers group can be completed in one long traverse. The man... or woman that can complete all 7 hills in a single outing has more manliness than I can ever aspire to. I completed the 5 easterly munros in one long hot outing and had I not been able to scrounge a lift back to the visitor centre with Mssrs. Daniel and Jerome I would probably still be there now.

From Meall Garbh, An Stuc, Ben Lawers & Beinn Ghlas
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On the map it all looked so straight forward, the dips between the summits appearing so insignificant. In reality, however there's a lot of height to be lost... and then gained. But isn't this why we go hillwalking afterall, to go up and down? Given this viewpoint, the partial traverse of the Lawers massif may definitely consider itself a hill walk.

This trip that requires ideally 2 cars or at least a mountain bike strategically dropped of at the visitor centre. The cycle option enforces the route east to west which seems even tougher, as the start point is closer to sea level and the steep grassy slopes of Meall Greigh will guarantee a thigh warming start to the day.



  • This route runs west to east and the second car should be parked at Machium Farm (GR680400).
  • From the carpark at the visitor centre, follow the clear stony path NNE all the way to the summit of the first munro, Beinn Ghlas (1103m, GR627405).
Alec, Gordon, Nigel and dog at the summit of Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers in the background
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  • The main path leads clearly NW from Beinn Ghlas to the summit of Ben Lawers (1214m, GR636414).
  • From Ben Lawers pick up the light track that leads north down steep rocky slopes and then straight up again to the summit of An Stuc (1118m, GR639432).
  • The path from An Stuc continues steeply back down to the bealach GR642433, afterwhich another steep climb NW delivers the summit of the fourth munro, Meall Garbh (1118m, GR644437).
  • After the steep rocky slopes of An Stuc and Meall Garbh the remainder of the walk is on the grassy sides of Meall Greigh. The more gentle slopes up to the summit Meall Greigh (1001m, GR674438) are a pleasant stroll. However, the steep slopes down to the Lawers Burn will give your knees and thighs a thorough workout, as such, walking poles are well recommended.
  • Once at the Lawers Burn simply follow the river south, where the numerous sheep tracks merge to eventually form a light walkers track which leads to Machium Farm and the second car.

View west to Glen Lyon and beyond.

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