For the squash player who breaks strings before the racket our stringing service offers the ideal solution.

Our "Restrings By Post" service has operated successfully for over 10 years. Quoted prices below include return postage and packaging and you can expect your restrung racket back within a week.

  • Before posting please check that the graphite frame is not cracked. (A cracked frame is unlikely to be restrung successfully.)

  • New bumper and grommet sets can be fitted at an additional cost of £8 per set.
    Bumpers for TITAN rackets are fitted at an additional £5 per set.
  • Include a cheque made out to "J. Smith" for the required amount and include your return address.
  • Your racket should be packed without the cover and is best wrapped in a plastic bag with a cardboard sleeve and sent to:

J. Smith
6 Endrick Court
Kinnaird Village
Larbert, FK5 4WN


[Please email prior to posting the racket so we know to expect it's arrival.]

SImon Lamb Restringing


ro Fibre 1.25mm - Soft Texture

Properties: TITAN Pro Fibre 1.25mm squash string is an ultra high performance string for the player that demands maximum feel and control during play. The extra control provided by this string is particularly clear when cutting the ball with or without pace. Recommended for the most demanding "feel" players, or for the power player who is looking to maximise control.

Construction: High modulus multifilaments impregnated into specially formulated elastomer resin and then twisted to mimic natural gut.

Price: £24.75(£20 plus £4.75 for return p&p)

ower Wrap 1.20mm - Rough texture

Properties: the rough outer jacket of TITAN Power Wrap 1.20mm squash string offers extra bite and control on the ball when attacking, whilst the string construction offers an excellent powerful response when driving the ball.

Construction: Multifilament core with double braided multifilament jacket, finished with the black outer wrap.

Colours: Yellow/Black, White/Black, Green/Black, Orange/Black

Price: £22.75 (£18 plus £4.75 for return p&p return p&p)

ournament 1.20mm - Medium rough texture

Properties: Tournament string offers excellent power, playability and durability and as such is a steady favourite with the majority of squash players. If you are unsure of what string would best suited to your game, then TITAN Tournament is an excellent choice.

Construction: Multifilament core braided with nylon 66 multifilament wraps finished with TITAN anti-abrasive coating.

Price: £22.75 (£18 plus £4.75 for return p&p return p&p)

If you have any further queries please e-mail

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